The designer generalist

(of graphics, logos, brands, games, and others)

My design journey began in 2002 as an apprentice in a printing house. There I trained by learning the mechanics and commercial use of CorelDraw 4 and Adobe Photoshop 6. By the end of my apprenticeship, I was fluent in the basics of these apps. From that point onwards, graphic design became my passion. I managed to turn this passion into a side hustle early enough by accepting to work on amateur projects. A couple of simple presentation preparation work turned into printed ad design projects; printed ad projects turned into logo design projects; logo design projects turned into brand creation projects. Today, I rarely accept working on new brands unless the subject is close to my heart. Yet, I still -though rarely- work on personal hobby projects.

Here, you can see some of the fruits of this journey.

China Dance Project | Logo design, 2016

This was a collaboration project between China, Germany, and Finland. It was a one time show took place in Helsinki.

Gamification Group | Brand design (incl. website), 2017 

Alongside my Ph.D. research, I created the GG brand, did the website, and help with the organization of the Gamifin Conference.

7 gram kafe| Brand design (incl. website), 2012

7 gram kafe (7 Grams) was the name of the patisserie of my little family in Ankara, Turkey. On top of doing all the design work, I also practiced my cooking and cashier skills there for some time 🙂

Bahadir gurer Gurkan | Brand design (incl. this website), 2022

Come as you are | Game UI design (incl. video production), 2016

The “award-winning” Finnish Game Jam 2016 game of ours, Come as you are, is a puzzle game made with Unity, for touch screen devices.