Lowell Access

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Lowell (Nordics), since 2018

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Product designer


Lowell Nordic Digitalisation


Continuous UX analysis and product improvement through design

Lowell Access is the Nordic client portal of Lowell. It is one platform, one look & feel for four countries based on country-specific collection systems. Access is a gateway for each client user to the digital services per their agreement with Lowell Nordics. These services are:

  • Lowell Collection, 
  • Lowell Collection Easy,
  • Lowell Invoice,
  • Lowell Credit Information Services
  • Handyman

Through these services, Lowell clients can:

  • Create, edit, and search assignments/tasks based on cases.
  • Monitor collection status and performance using Dashboards.
  • Communicate with the Lowell client service team using context-based messaging.
  • Handle utility service maintenance

I have been the sole product designer of Lowell Access since mid-2018. In 2021, my team and I refreshed the entire platform and re-created the sub-service called Lowell Collection as the main driver of Lowell client digital services. Compared to 2020, the session numbers increased 31% based on our efforts.