My Lowell

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Lowell (Nordics), since 2018

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Product & service designer


Nordic Digitalization, Lowell OY


Continous product improvement

Previously known as Lindorff24, My Lowell is a digital self-service platform. The primary purpose of My Lowell is to let consumers (individual and business) take care of their collection matters. There are currently four separate My Lowell services specifically for Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Each platform responds to specific technical needs in addition to that country’s laws and regulations. 

Some facts about My Lowell:

  • 93% of users say it takes little to no effort to handle their collection matters with My Lowell. The Customer Effort Score for 2021 was 4.16/5.
  • There was 1.3 million logins in 2021 (21% increase from 2020) 
  • There was 30% increase in the number of payments during 2021 when compared to 2020.
  • It became fully compliant with The European Accessibility Act (EAA) during 2021

I have been the sole product designer of My Lowell since mid-2018. In 2021 alone, my team and I released over 100 changes and improvements for My Lowell.

Some of the projects I managed or took part in:

  • Brand transition (from Lindorff to Lowell)
  • Inbox (Secure messaging for consumers)
  • Payment solution provider change
  • Service for Business-type consumer 
  • Digital consumer feedback collection & management
  • Automatically offered payment plans
  • Consumer profile management
  • Service Accessibility for users
  • Consent management
  • Automatic return of overpayments
  • FAQ
  • Multi-payment (paying multiple debt cases at once)
  • My Lowell UI component library